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Haj Amin al-Husseini & Adolf Eichmann

The Throne of Satan: The Final Solution

A renovation of a Berlin apartment in November of 2008 produced a chilling discovery hidden within the apartment walls: architectural plans for Auschwitz. That same month, the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post detailed the finding: The German newspaper Bild published never-before-seen architectural plans of the Auschwitz extermination camp on Saturday that reveal, in their unequivocally…

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The Throne of Satan: What’s Coming Next?

We’re half way through the 8-part series, The Throne of Satan: Adolf Hitler, Barack Obama, and the War with Islam. Here’s what to expect in the second half! Who was Haj Amin al-Husseini, and why were the blueprints for Auschwitz found in a 2008  renovation of the Berlin apartment he stayed in during World War 2? Did Barack…

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The Throne of Satan: A Fire Offering

Lucifer knew that his impatience had cost him. Dearly. He’d sensed that the moment he’d been waiting for had arrived. The Jews had only recently returned to Canaan (he refused to call it by the name of the patriarch, Israel). And while those who had turned their backs on the lives they’d built in Babylon…

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The Temple

The Throne of Satan: The “Gods” at War (Part 2)

In the ancient world, the idea of a “Divine Council” was present in every single religious belief system. We struggle with this in modern Christianity because we think that this diminishes who YHWH is. It doesn’t. Instead, it elevates Him. If YHWH is the only “elohim,” than every time in Scripture where it is said…

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The Divine Council

The Throne of Satan: The “Gods” at War (Part 1)

YHWH sat on His throne, with His Divine Council gathered before Him. Things were definitely getting out of control on Earth. It had only been 340 years since He had wiped out all land-dwelling creatures on the planet, save those spared on the Ark that He’d instructed Noah to build. Now, the humans were once…

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A Spiritual War

The Throne of Satan: A Spiritual War

What you are about to read over the next week or two will shock you. You might believe it’s something that would be better found on or You may think that Jesse Ventura dreamt it up. It’s too nuts for even Glenn Beck. To be honest, it’s “tin foil hat” crazy. Please read…

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