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A New Heaven & Earth

Return to Eden: Part 9 – A New Heaven & A New Earth

The idea is so foreign to us that we can’t really even envision it. Eden restored. Life as it was intended before we chose our own path and corrupted it. No pain. No death. No crying. No conflict. And if that were all, it would be amazing beyond comprehension. But that’s not even the best…

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Ask, Seek, Knock

Out of CONTEXT Verse – Luke 11:9

Turn on late night Christian TV – at just about any time between 10pm and 5am – and you’ll see him. His name will change. Sometimes he’s old and sometimes he’s young. He may be Caucasian, Latino-American, African-American, Asian-American, or somewhere in between. He may be the pastor of a large church, or some guy…

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What If...?

What If My Members Understood How To Care For Me?

Pastor, I’m here to help you. That’s always my goal. I know that if I’m able to do something…anything…to encourage “the people in YOUR pews” to read the Bible, consistently, it will make your Herculean job easier. But there’s one area that I want to address, that you’re not really going to. It’s simply too…

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A Bad Rap!

“A Bit of Context” Episode 6: A Bad Rap!

The Pharisees are the “bad guys” of the New Testament. Or so we’ve been taught. But a look at the CONTEXT of the New Testament reveals a very different reality. Check out this week’s “A Bit of Context!”

Return to Eden: The Dwelling of God Among Men

Return to Eden: Part 8 – The Presence of God Among Men

What was it like for God to have His relationship with us cut off? Have you ever taken the time to think about that? We focus a lot on what sin meant for us, but what about God? He created us out of a longing to be with beings that could choose to love Him….

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Psalm 46:10

Out of CONTEXT Verse: Psalm 46:10

The world is in direct and open war against God and His Kingdom. There is a struggle going on. But a day is coming when God will stop His enemies in their tracks.  And then, they will know that He is God. A favorite verse to quote when someone is struggling, anxious, or going through…

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Hear & Obey

What If Your Members Did MORE Than Read the Bible?

The old rabbi concluded his teaching. He had presented quite a challenge to his talmidim (Hebrew for disciples). Then, with fire in his eyes, he stroked his long, white beard and asked, “I know you hear, but do you hear? I know you see, but do you see?” One of the most popular study Bibles…

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The Valley of Hinnom

Life & Death: Walking Through Hell

I stood in a beautiful valley. Birds were flying over head, singing their song. The iconic yellow-brown walls of the Old City of Jerusalem provided the backdrop. To my right, was what it known today as Mount Zion. Children were playing in the grass before me. It was almost impossible to believe that I was…

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Binding & Loosing

“A Bit of CONTEXT” Episode 5 – Binding & Loosing

The interpretation of the phrase “binding and loosing” is all over the map. Catholic tradition ties it to the authority of the Pope, while Evangelical interpretation makes it about the spiritual realm. What would the 12 guys standing with Jesus at Caesarea Philippi have thought He meant?  

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