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5 Ways My Faith Changed After Returning From Israel: The Feasts

Have you ever tried to pick up the storyline of a movie after it was half-way over? Not easy, is it? That’s what most of Christianity has been doing for about 2,000 years. In fact, we celebrate this approach. I had a pastor who founded three of the largest churches in my city actually tell…

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Matthew 18:20

Out of Context Verse – Matthew 18:20

What’s the “go to” verse whenever our church services or bible studies or Christian events are poorly attended? You’re already thinking of it, aren’t you? “Where two or three are gathered…” Finish it for me. I’m guilty of using this verse this way. You’re guilty of using this verse this way. It’s how we make…

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The Power of 4

Cue the Lights and the Fog Machines, It’s Sunday Morning!

All morning long, from sea to shining sea, a production of Broadway proportions will occur in thousands of churches, all in an attempt to…well…now that I think of it, I’m not sure what it’s intended to do. I’m all about excellence. As a worship pastor and choir director, I’ve become convinced that quality and doing…

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The Big Bad Law

5 Ways My Faith Changed After Returning From Israel: The Big Bad Law

Growing up in a good Christian home, you would think that my religious beliefs would be pretty set by the age of 33. And they were. But that all changed in May of 2008, when I spent two weeks in Israel. It was an amazing point in history, as during those two weeks, modern Israel…

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Revelation 3:20

Out of Context Verse – Revelation 3:20

The evangelist is standing on the platform, preparing to deliver the final blow that will draw scores to the altar in repentance. The crowd is hushed, hanging on every word. “Jesus is standing…RIGHT NOW…and knocking on the door of your heart. He’s promised that if you’ll just ask him…JUST OPEN THE DOOR!…He’ll come into your…

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Standing in the Empty Tomb

Standing in the Empty Tomb

Scholars and historians and archaeologists disagree on where the tomb of Jesus is located. Much of this confusion and disagreement is the result of some pretty bizarre decisions made in the 4th Century. I’m not planning on getting into that in this article. Having said that, I know where the tomb is.  I’ve stood in…

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