5 Questions Every Christian Should Answer

Over the past two years, I’ve asked hundreds of Christians the following five questions.  The answers have been so consistent that it’s scary.  I am convinced that every Christian should answer these questions as a “spiritual barometer”; a way of gauging where they are in their walk with God.  Here are the 5 questions, with a bit of an explanation for each.

1. On a Scale of 1 to 5, Rate Your Relationship With God

Let’s define this scale.  One means that you’re on the verge of walking away from God; that you’re questioning whether  He is real, and if He is, you couldn’t care less.  Five DOES NOT mean that you’ve become a “super-Christian”; you’re not Billy Graham.  Five means that you are closer to God today, then you’ve ever been before.  Think this through, the answer to this question is critical.

2. How Often Do You Read the Bible?

Let me be honest, when someone tells me that they read the Bible every, single day without EVER missing, I’m skeptical.  I just don’t think that’s reality.  But as I’ve mentioned before, reading the Bible is critical to your spiritual health and growth, and it should be consistent, and missing a day should be an extremely rare exception, rather than the norm.  How often do you read? What is your plan for reading?

3. Why Do You Go To Church?

It’s so funny to hear the answers to this question.  When I start hearing things like, “fellowship” I just laugh.  This is what I call a “Sunday School answer.”  Don’t give those.  Think about what you roll out of bed almost every Sunday, get your “Sunday Best” on (oh yeah, we don’t do that anymore), and head to a specific, consistent location to gather with the same other Christians for corporate worship.  Why do you do it? What is it about that specific church that draws you?

4. What Would You Change About Your Church?

After you’ve completely answered the previous question, you can move on to this one.  There are things about your church that you don’t like. What are they? But don’t get bogged down in the style of music, the length of service, or the clothes that the pastor is wearing.  In a perfect world, what would you like to see your church doing?  What impact is it making?  Think about it, and answer it with specifics.

5. How Do Your Relationships Influence Your Walk With God?

Any parent will tell you that the type of kids your child hangs out with will impact the way your child acts.  When does this change?  Is it realistic to think that as soon as we turn 18 or 21 that suddenly the people around us don’t influence us?  Of course not.  So, how are the people around you at work, at church, at home influence your walk with God?

Post your answers in the comments below or on Facebook or wherever. Just be honest. Remember, the 11th Commandment is “Thou Shalt Not Fool Thyself.”  I think you’ll be surprised at the results.

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