Hurting People

There are a lot of broken people in the world.  They are hopeless. Lost. Desperate. 

I’m reminded of the lyrics to the old Christian song, People Need the Lord:

Every day they pass me by

I can see it in their eyes

Empty people filled with care

Headed who knows where

Many of these broken people were sitting next to you at church yesterday.

I just finished reading the story of a young lady I’ve known for about two and a half years.  I’ve discipled her as part of a group of college and single adults at a church I was on staff at.  She’s always got a big smile on her face.  She’s always at church.  If you saw her on Sunday morning or Wednesday night, you’d think things were great.

And, believe me, they’re a LOT better now then they were a few years ago.  I knew that she’d been through some “stuff” in the past, and that God was doing something really special in her heart and life now.  I’ve watched her grow spiritually over the last couple of years, and I knew that daily Bible reading was a big part of that.  So, I asked her to put here story down onto paper and send it to me.  I planned on writing about how daily Bible reading has changed her life.  Then I read her story.

Have you ever read a story so intense that you have to stop multiple times just to process?

I had to send her an email asking her what was OK and NOT OK to include in my posts about her.  Some things are personal.  Some things are hard to reveal. And let’s be honest, some things you just don’t want the other people at church to know too much about.

And that got me thinking.  How many of these people were at church yesterday, sitting in the pews or stackable chairs right next to you?  How many of these people are struggling through the things this young lady has been through, and we smile, and shake hands or hug, and go home and have no clue?

That’s pretty scary.

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