A Logical Argument

Brittany had become a hermit.  She stayed at home as much as she could.  There was always some sort of excuse.  Her family tried to help her.  Nothing seemed to really make a difference.

That was until Sunday School one morning in 2010.  Yeah, you read that right.  Sunday School.  There are still churches that have that and God can still use it to change lives.

As Brittany had attended regularly over the previous months, the Spirit of God had been tugging gently on her heart.  No major changes were taking place.  But there was a reason she kept going back.  But she wasn’t prepared for the blind side that would take place that Sunday morning.

In Colorado – like in most states –  there was a political debate taking place over same-sex marriage.  That debate crept into the church classroom.  Brittany was livid.  She sat there unwilling to share her opinion (she knew how that would be received), but she was fuming over the hateful, bigoted things being discussed.  How dare anyone condemn her for the way she was born!  Where was the “love?”

But then the teacher made a statement that was surprisingly  reasonable.  It reconciled the love of God, the Biblical passages that condemned homosexuality as sin, and the reality that she knew she was born with same-sex attraction.

“People say they are ‘born this way.’  Well, yeah: we are all born into sin.  The difference is whether we give in to sin or not.”

There it was.  A logical argument that eliminated her excuses.  Yes, Brittany was born with a tendency toward same-sex attraction.  And yes, it was sin.  Just like the guy who is drawn toward alcoholism, or to beat his wife.   Sin is sin.  We all have a sinful nature, and yes, we are born this way.  That’s why we need Jesus.

Brittany went to her cousins house that afternoon.  Through video chat, she broke off the long-distance relationship with her girlfriend.  It was hard.  She knew that this woman was hurt.  But Brittany knew it was the right thing to do.

And slowly, the weight  – the burden –  of her sin began to lift.  The grace and mercy of Jesus began to bring the healing she’d been longing for for nearly a decade.  Life was beginning to get better.

Then, some crazy guy in a bow tie showed up with more questions.

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