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How screwed up would our take on American history be if we jumped from Plymouth Rock to Obama, ignoring everything else that happened in between? That would be absurd, right?

So, why do we look at the New Testament this way? We end the Hebrew Scriptures 400 years before we pick up again in the Gospel of Matthew. And we wonder why it doesn't make sense.

But rather than understanding the CONTEXT of what the Disciples heard when Jesus spoke, we interpret things in…well...a pretty strange way. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Join David S. Jesse (a.k.a. The Bow Tie Bible Guy) on a journey back in time to see the Gospel of Matthew in its historic, geographic, religious, and cultural context!

Here are just a few of the questions David will look at:

• What happened during the 400 "silent years?"
• How did the rabbis of Jesus' day interpret Scripture?
• Was Matthew a credible witness?
• What does the Parthian Senate have to do with Jesus' birth?

And many more!

In less than 30 minutes per week, David will take the stories and traditions of the Church that have grown dull, and shake things up!
Join us online - from anywhere in the world - and never look at the Bible the same way again!


1 The Intertestamental Period
2 How Did the Rabbis Interpret Scripture?
3 A Hebrew Gospel?
4 A Legal Defense
5 The Jury
6 Herod the Great
7 The Genealogy of Jesus
8 The Virgin Birth
9 The Parthian Senators
10 Matthew's 3 Mistakes?
11 Elijah
12 The Mikveh
13 The Wilderness
14 Follow Me
15 Midrash on Torah Obedience (Part 1: The Beatitudes)
16 Midrash on Torah Obedience (Part 2: Salt & Light)
17 Midrash on Torah Obedience (Part 3: Have Heaven & Earth Passed Away?)
18 Midrash on Torah Obedience (Part 4: You Have Heard It Said...)
19 Midrash on Torah Obedience (Part 5: The Motive Behind Obedience)
20 Midrash on Torah Obedience (Part 6: The Evil Eye)
21 Midrash on Torah Obedience (Part 7: Judgment)
22 Midrash on Torah Obedience (Part 8: Ask & Keep On Asking)
23 Midrash on Torah Obedience (Part 9: Torah in a Nutshell)
24 Midrash on Torah Obedience (Part 10: Compare & Contrast)
25 Semikhah
26 Authority in Action
27 Messiah! Messiah! Messiah!
28 The Harvest
29 The Sent Ones
30 Persecution
31 A Secret Struggle
32 Simplicity
33 The Lord of the Sabbath
34 When It's Okay to Break the Commandments
35 The Servant
36 The Unpardonable Sin
37 You Brood of Vipers
38 The Sign of Jonah
39 This Evil Generation
40 The Parable of the Sower
41 The Purpose of the Parables
42 The Parable of the Weeds
43 An Explosive Kingdom
44 The Hidden Treasure
45 The Householder
46 A Prophet Without Honor
47 Starting at the Top
48 The Feeding of the 5,000
49 The Conqueror of the Abyss
50 Tradition!
51 The Phantom of the Gospel
52 The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel
53 Feeding Gentiles
54 Leaven
55 The Gates of Hell
56 The Cosmic Mountain
57 Faith&Prayer
58 The Temple Tax
59 The Greatest in the Kingdom
60 Stumbling Blocks
61 The Lost Sheep
62 Church Discipline?
63 Rent Free Living
64 Divorce and Remarriage in Context
65 The Treasure of Children
66 What is "Eternal Life?"
67 The Last Shall Be First
68 The Greatest Servant
69 The Jericho Road
70 The Revolution
71 A House of Prayer
72 The Cursing of the Fig Tree
73 Question Authority

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