Is The Third Temple About To Be Rebuilt?


UPDATE: This morning, The Temple Institute announced a project to raise funds for the development of a ranch in Israel, under Rabbinic authority, that will be responsible for the raising of a herd of red heifers. For my thoughts on the importance of this announcement, CLICK HERE.

Temple Institute AnnouncementThe Temple Institute is ready to make an announcement; a BIG one.

This is interesting on many levels. It's been rumored for just over thirty years that the Ark of the Covenant was discovered under the northern most point of ancient Mount Moriah. The Temple Institute was formed shortly after that in 1987.

In 1983, Rabbi Shlomo Goren - the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem - and Rabbi Yehuda Getz - the Rabbi of the Western Wall - broke through a wall in in the tunnels underneath the Temple Mount and later claimed that they entered a chamber where the Ark of the Covenant and other items from Solomon's Temple were hidden. After the Muslim Waqf Authority discovered that these excavations were taking place, they sent their thugs down into the tunnels to stop the explorations.

Then you have the statements by Rabbi Chaim Richman. He has repeatedly gone on record that the rabbis have always known where the Ark of the Covenant is. And that they are simply waiting for the right time to reveal it to the world.


And then there's the strange case of Ron Wyatt. In 1978, Ron Wyatt was in Israel preparing to leave to return to the United States after exploring the Red Sea Crossing site in the Sinai Peninsula. Through miraculous means, he identified a location for where the Ark of the Covenant was located. 

Some time later, Ron Wyatt and others returned and began excavating the site. After several years of frustration, Ron Wyatt claimed to have found the chamber of the Ark of the Covenant and other artifacts. He eventually contacted the Israeli authorities, and the whole matter was hushed up.

What makes the entire story of Ron Wyatt so surreal is that the location is the base of Golgotha, just outside of the northern gate of the Old City of Jerusalem, where Jesus was likely crucified.

General Gordon, the British explorer who discovered the "Place of the Skull" and the "Garden Tomb" of Jesus, made the following statements in his diary; statements that confirm Wyatt's claims:

The Ark, I suspect is in Jeremiah's grotto.  [The] Jews have a tradition it is under the [Dome of the] Rock, but I think it is under the true Altar, the Skull, where tradition places Jeremiah's writing of Lamentations.  The Ark will not be found by man.  I think it will be brought out again at the second coming, for it appears in Heaven vide Revins [or consult Revelation].

Here at Skull Hill, close the Slaughter House of Jerusalem was Titus 1 to 2m (excavation sites). The Roman Eagle took the heart of Zion by throat, for close was the breach. Jeremiah wrote Lamentations in the cave. The Ark of the Covenant is there." page 55.

"Golgotha on Hill was Jeremiah's Grotto. 1. This hill is outside gates near city where many roads pass. 2. From long time back the Slaughter House of City has been there. 3. It is N. of City. Shewbread table is in it."

In 2013, I was in Israel for a tour. I spent a week with a former Israeli Military official who was heavily involved in much of the transfer of territory from Israel to the Palestinian Authority. Over the course of that week, I asked many questions based on the information I had and the statements he made; statements where he said that the archaeological evidence that Gordon's Tomb and traditional Golgotha were the location of the death and burial of Jesus is overwhelming and indisputable.

At the end of our time together, we asked him about Ron Wyatt. His statements were bizarre. He stated that Wyatt's discoveries of the Red Sea Crossing, Mount Sinai, and Sodom and Gomorrah were 100% accurate. Then, he stated that Wyatt's claims about the Ark of the Covenant were "rubbish." And finally, he walked away and refused any further discussion about it.

I guess we will have to wait for The Temple Institute's announcement on July 12th.

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