So Alike & So Different

Brittany’s story is like so many of ours. She was born into a family that went to church.  She attended Sunday School.  AWANA.  Vacation Bible School.  Children’s choir.  Her family had some financial struggles early on, so they had her stay with her grandmother during the week while they worked.  This only meant she was at church even more often.When she was five years old, the Sunday School stories started making a little more sense.  The simple faith of a child began to draw her into an understanding that she needed Jesus.  One night before bed, she told her mother.  They prayed together.  The next day, they called her grandmother and told her.  The following Sunday morning, she went forward during the invitation and told the whole church.  Like I said, Brittany’s story is like most of ours.But Brittany’s story is very different from most of ours.  When she was ten years old, Brittany’s family had to move because of her dad’s job.  The influence of her grandmother was lost, and her family stopped attending church.  No more Sunday School.  No more AWANA.  No more Vacation Bible School.  No more children’s choir.  Over the years, they tried to find “the right church,” but failed to really connect.  They moved again.  By the time Brittany was going into junior high, she’d really lost all connection with a faith community.Life at home wasn’t all that good to begin with, and it grew worse during this time.  She was alone.  Her relationship with her parents was broken at a time when a young lady needs the love of a father and the advice of a mother.  She was failing at school.  Things were pretty dark.  And her relationship with God was gone.  No matter what she tried, the hurting never stopped. So, at age 13, she climbed onto a stack of books, wrapped a leather belt around her neck, kicked the books out from underneath her, and started to black out.  Fortunately, the jerk that she intended to end her life, broke the belt.  She landed on her hands and knees in a heap of tears.  For a short time, this sparked some form of a relationship with God, but it didn’t last for long.Like I said, Brittany’s story is like so many of ours. And Brittany’s story is very different from most of ours.And it only gets harder to tell.

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