The Bow Tie Bible Guy One Sheet (March ’15)

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David S. Jesse has a gift for taking familiar stories from the Bible, and making the NEW by putting them back into their historic, geographic, religious, and cultural context.  Through powerful storytelling, humor, and unique insight, David speaks through 2,000 years of Church history and directly to the heart of the “people in the pews.”

Take a look at these speaking topics PERFECT for your church or event!

Return to Eden

RETURN TO EDEN (One Session)

The world is broken.  In fact, it’s been broken for around 6,000 years or so.  But it won’t remain that way.  God is putting it back together.  His plan throughout time has always been to return us to Eden. This message is  a unique overview of the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, by focusing on the Biblical Feast of Tabernacles. The attendees will gain a deeper understanding of God’s presence on Earth, from the original Tabernacle to each individual’s calling to be a “living stone” being built up into a “spiritual house” for Him today.  Finally, they will be reminded that the struggles and difficulties of this life are only temporary, and that there will be a new Heaven, and a new Earth where we will dwell in relationship with Jesus eternally.

TorahHEAR & OBEY (One Session)

Talk is cheap.  There are way too many people who claim to be Christians, but don’t live any differently then the rest of the world.  Jesus spent a lot of time reminding His disciples that hearing what He said wasn’t enough: if we are to truly follow Him, we have to obey what He taught us.  In this message, the attendees will be challenged to examine their own lives in light of the “Shema,” the Hebrew name for what Jesus called “the greatest commandment.”  It’s about loving God with all of our hearts, and with all of our souls, and with all of our strength.  It’s about remembering that being a disciple means seeking to be just like Jesus, by hearing and obeying what He said.

Western WallTRADITION (One Session)

We’ve all got them.  Those traditions that help keep us connected with each other, with our culture, and with our faith.  But when those traditions start to take the place of true worship, they become idols.  Jesus fought against religious traditions constantly during His ministry.  During this message, attendees will learn to differentiate between the traditions that help, and those that hurt.  They’ll understand that Jesus had a simple standard or filter He taught His disciples to use when following traditions.  And they’ll learn from Scripture what happens when an entire people group puts following tradition, ahead of following Jesus.



What do you do when you mess up so badly, and God seems so silent, that you wonder if there’s any hope for the future?  Is God through with you?  This look at Abraham, and the promise of God for a unique son whose descendants would change the world, will encourage the attendees to remember that God’s plan is always best.  They will see how Abraham tried to work in his own strength to see the fulfillment of God’s plan for his life, and the disastrous consequences that brought.  But they will also see God’s grace, that resulted in the promised seed through whom Jesus came.  They will learn how God is merciful, and how He will take the humbled and repentant individual and restore them, fulfilling His ultimate plan.

A Mans Man

A MAN’S MAN (One Session)

Most men have no problem having a catch, going fishing and camping, or teaching their sons how to change the oil.  But is that the only legacy that we should leave for our sons?  Is that really being “a man’s man”?  This personal look at my own relationship with my father – the good, the bad, and the ugly – is ideal for a men’s retreat or conference, and will remind your men that teaching our sons how to be a man means leaving them a legacy of faith, family, and finishing strong.  They will learn that the most important thing a father can do is help their sons fall in love with Jesus, and commit their lives to being His disciple.

LensesLENSES (Four Sessions)

Have you ever looked through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars?  You can still make out the image, but just barely.  For the past 2,000 years, Christianity has been looking at the Scriptures the same way.  It’s time to turn the lenses around.  By looking at the Bible through the proper lenses – the historical, cultural, religious, and geographical context – the Word becomes more vivid, the personalities come to life, and the student becomes more and more connected to the story.  And ultimately, the attendee falls more in love with Jesus.

  • Session 1: Healing in His Wings
  • Session 2: Morning & Evening
  • Session 3: He Shall Be Called A “Nazarene”
  • Session 4: The Son of Man

FishermanFOLLOW ME (Four Sessions)

The word “discipleship” has lost its meaning.  It’s become simply another way to describe being religious.  But in Jesus’ day, discipleship entailed more than we may ever be able to wrap our heads around.  It meant walking so close to the rabbi they followed, that the disciple was literally covered in their dust.  These four sessions will challenge the attendees to a higher level of commitment to following their Rabbi, Jesus, as they seek to become just like Him.

  • Session 1: He Taught With Authority
  • Session 2: Fishers of Men
  • Session 3: Deserting the Rabbi
  • Session 4: Go Make Disciples​

Midnight ApproachesMIDNIGHT APPROACHES (Four Sessions)

Just days before His crucifixion, Jesus’ disciples asked Him what would be the signs of the coming of His Kingdom.  Jesus goes on to describe our time.  He then tells three parables that give us a road map to follow during these difficult times.  This look at Matthew 24 & 25 will encourage the attendees to stand strong during the struggles of life, and challenge them to learn the lessons of three of Jesus’ most famous parables.  And they will have a simple path to walk as they seek to understand the times, and what to do about them.

  • Session 1: Obedience
  • Session 2: Faithfulness
  • Session 3: Compassion
  • Session 4: Revival​

ColumnHE STRENGTHENS ME (Four Sessions)

His mother was a harlot.  His wife was an outcast.  And his great grandson would become a legendary king.  This look at the life of Boaz will provide a powerful example of manhood, worship of God, integrity, and strength to fight against the cultural tide.  The attendees will learn that the source of Boaz’ strength was His God, and that they too can allow the strength of their relationship with Jesus to guide them to become individuals who quietly influence history.

  • Session 1: The Power of a Name
  • Session 2: A Man of Compassion
  • Session 3: Doing the Right Thing
  • Session 4: A Future Legacy

Country ChurchTHAT OLD TIME RELIGION (Six Sessions)

The hymn says it this way, “Give me that old time religion, it’s good enough for me.”  In this flagship series, the attendees will be immersed in the historical, cultural, religious, and geographical context of Scriptures, as we seek to “contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3).  They will gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures the way Jesus and His disciples understood them, including the purpose of the Law, the power of understanding the Sabbath principle, and the seven feasts of the LORD that the Apostle Paul described as “shadows of things to come.” (Colossians 2:17). They will learn how the shadows of the first four feasts were fulfilled in the first coming of the Messiah, and how the final three feasts will be fulfilled in His second coming.  The series closes by answering the question: “How then shall we live?” This series is ideal for a weekend Bible conference or discipleship retreat.  Each session is highly interactive, and designed for Christians who have a basic foundation of Biblical knowledge.  The attendees will leave with a passion for studying the Bible more deeply, and a love for Jesus as their Messiah and Savior.

  • Session 1: Have We Cut Ourselves Off From the Root?
  • Session 2: Christianity’s Dirty Little Secret
  • Session 3: Remembering Eden
  • Session 4: The Spring Feasts
  • Session 5: The Fall Feasts
  • Session 6: How Then Shall We Live?