Spiraling Out of Control

Brittany graduated from high school, and was ready to move on from everything and everyone.  There was a problem: she couldn’t find any work.  At all.  Her grandfather stepped in with a plan.

He was in Utah, and he said that the oil boom meant that things were growing so quickly that businesses couldn’t hire people fast enough.  If Brittany wanted to move in with him, she was welcome to.  She packed up everything she owned into a car, drove to Utah, and figured she’d gotten the fresh start she’d been hoping for.

She found a job.  But the pattern of bad choices that had plagued her for years was more than she could overcome.  She was only eighteen, but that didn’t matter.  She spent every night drinking with a coworker and his wife who were living adjacent to her grandfather’s property.  This couple was a mess themselves, and eventually they drug Brittany into their world.  One night when things got out of control, she only escaped jail by the grace of God.

For six months, she tried to make things work.  She was grateful for the chance to get to know her grandfather better, but the other problems eventually proved more than she could handle.  She needed to return back home.  Like a mischievous puppy with its tail between its legs, Brittany moved back in with her parents.

Unable to find any work, she miserably spent her days taking care of her eight year old brother.  After a while, Brittany would pretend to be looking online for a job, but would actually began spending more and more time in internet chat rooms.  This led to some unhealthy relationships, and eventually an internet porn addiction.  This only fanned the flames of the chat room relationships.  Things were spiraling out of control.

A year later, she was fighting with her parents every day; drinking late at night after they went to bed; smoking while they were gone during the day; and all the way fully satisfying an her porn habit.  Eventually, her mother suggested she spend the summer with family in another town.  Her cousins actively attended church, and the only time Brittany could see them was if she went with them.  So she did.  Then, one morning during Sunday School, she had a breakthrough.

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